Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 2012

Just more random photos I have been accumulating over the last few months.  Enjoy!

Barrio 6/Barrio 8 District at their District Meeting: (back row) Elders Pyne,Tyndale-Biscoe, Stock,Mateer, Hoskins and Smith. (front row) Hnas. Hernandez, Linares (mini-missionary), Petersen, Nielsen, Londono and Delgado

Barrio 2/Barrio 4 District:  Hnas. Farias, Cerda (mini-missionary), Pulgar, Palma (other mini), Elder Veintimilla, Forrest, Lewis and Jeppson

Elder Fowler and Elder Perkins in El Ferrol at the farewell dinner for Elder Perkins. 

Elder and Sister Knight on a hike with the JAS (Young Single Adults) of Tenerife!

Leon Zone Elders: Elders Gabbitas, Paredes, Jones, Veintimilla, Martin de la Sierra, Reist, Rose and Gaspar (front)

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I've been a slacker the last few months, and the thought of trying to put things in chronological order with some kind of narrative is so daunting, I am not going to do it.  Herewith...potpourri:
The Alcala District:  Elders Cunningham, Woolsey, Rigtrup, Ashworth, Coral, Gosselin, Beatty and Groves

Elder Forrest and Elder Jeppson showing off their Roscon, which is the traditional  cake eaten on
January 6 which is Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos (Three Kings Day)

Elder Forsythe and Elder Larrea at a baptism in June in the Aluche Chapel

Elder Rigtrup managed to lose/damage/destroy all his nametags.  When his order of new chapas
arrived, he was so excited he put them ALL on at once.  Love that enthusiasm!

Santiago Zone at May Zone Conference:
Back row - Elders Anderson, Robertson, Anderson, Coral, Hoskins, Cunningham
Front row - Elders Woodbury, Soliz, DeHaro, Lopez, Hodges, Holub

Zone Leader Council January 2012 -
Standing:  Elders Rigby (Madrid West) and Thurston (Madrid East)
Kneeling:  Elders Soliz (Madrid West), DeHaro (AP), Hoskins (Madrid East), Tyndale-Biscoe (AP)
On Screen:  Elders Holub, Mills(Santiago), Veintimilla, Hodges (Leon), Raiano, Jackson (Canary Islands)
(There are now only two zones in the Madrid area, therefore four ZL's)