Saturday, April 23, 2011

Two Social Events - Senior missionaries and the Madrid Zone Preparation Day Activity

Pte and Hna. Watkins, Elder and Hna. Andrews (Tenerife Center for Young Adults), Hna. Kartchner-Hauley in front and Hna. Tanner, in back, (heading to Gran Canaria Center for Young Adults), Elder and Sister Anderson (Madrid Center for Young Adults), Elder and Sister Jones (Employment Center) and Elder and Sister Jewell (office and member support)

Same group as above except with the addition of Hermana Leanora Smith, a temple missionary.

Some of the hermanas helping me in the kitchen:  (back row) Hnas. Waters, Sandoval, Delgado, (front row) Hnas. Nielsen, Benitez, Londono and Bell

Wonderful missionaries - too many to name!

Hnas. Benitez and Marin surrounded by Elders Cano, Tyndale-Biscoe, Gomez, McArthur and Ashworth
I know I already posted this, but I love it!  Elders waiting for the bus began singing hymns of the restauration:  Elder Tynedale-Biscoe, Jackson, DeHaro, Grioti, Pyne, and Kunkel with Elder Evans (I believe) hidden behind Elder Kunkel.  Some GREAT singers!!!                                                 

More Baptisms!

Elder Raiano and Elder Cerro with their recent convert in Barrio 5

Elders Jeppson and Quevedo in Vigo.

Hermanas Sandoval and Benitez in Leganes.

Miscellaneous Missionary Moments:

Elder Araya, Hna. Benitez, Elder McArthur and Elder Iverson in front of Temple

Elders Cerro and Tynedale-Biscoe, with Hnas. Marin and Bickley participating in a ward activity.  I love these two non-U.S.A. Elders representing American cowboys (especially the belt buckles)!

Elders Knorr and Holub in Villalba

These new missionaries are looking younger all the time!!  Just checking to see if you were paying attention.  This is our grandson, Gabriel in his Father's Day photo. 

An Elder pyramid!

Many of these missionaries have returned home already, but they are such great missionaries, I'm including the photo anyway!  Elders Knorr, Anderson, Benson, Haney, Sloan, Holub, Dredge and Whitesides.

District Meeting:  Elder Gomez and Ashworth, Hermanas Wilson and Waters, Hermanas Marin and Benitez, Elders Iverson and Araya

Four of the six Alcorcon District Elders visiting the Manzanares Real castle on preparation day:  Elders Carter, Jones, Jaramillo and McArthur. 

Hermana Marin and Hermana McMurray with the the twin daughters (Rut and Ana) of Pte. and Hermana Batanero from the Azuqueca Ward.  The Hermanas reviewed the basic lessons with the twins before their baptism. 

Not even a locked gate can keep the Alcala District from having their district meeting.  Elder Evans, Elder Kunkel, Hermana Marin and Hermana Bell carry on while waiting for the keys to be delivered. 

Elders Martin de la Sierra and Elder Simmons enjoying a rare snowfall on the Canary Islands with branch members.

Piso Inspections

Elder and Sister Jewell and I make periodic piso (apartment) inspections to make sure their homes are safe, clean and organized.  One a recent trip to see the apartment in Móstoles, we took the opportunity to take the six missionaries to lunch.  Always a pleasure to spend time with the missionaries!

Elders McArthur, Veintimillas, Jones, and Cano

Hermana Pat Jewell, Elder Jim Jewell, Elders Carter and Blatter

Elder McArthur preparing to eat the house specialty:  a hamburger with a fried egg on top (note the hole cut in the top of the bun to cover the yolk)!
His yolk runneth over!!!