Saturday, February 11, 2012

More Comings and Goings Jan. 23, 2012

On January 23 another transfer rolled around.  Six Elders were transferred from the Canary Islands to the peninsula, so they flew in Sunday night and spent the night at the mission home.  The next day all the Elders being transferred met at the stake center.  All the Hermanas being transferred met at a metro station, exchanged companions and returned via metro to their new apartments.  Twelve Elders were being sent up north to Galicia, Asturias or Leon Castillo by train, so they took the metro to the train station while two mission vans took all their luggage to the station.  It was a HUGE transfer and when the dust settled at the end of the day, the only glitches were one bag of books and one coat.  That night Elders Pyne and Cano came to the mission home for their farewell dinner and sleepover.  We took them to the airport and train station respectively the next morning and then went to the MTC to pick up two new missionaries.  Transfers are always stressful, but exhilarating!  New beginnings!!

The six Elders who flew in from the Canaries along with the office Elders who picked them up at the aiport.  They are in the former garage-now bunk room- at the mission home.  Top row- Elders Ramirez, Rodriguez Silva, Jeppson, Gonzalez, Alvarez    Front row - Elders Forrest, Ottesen and Carey

Dinner with the transitory missionaries plus the ayudantes (APs) :  Elders Jeppson, Forrest, Rodriguez Silva,  Tyndale-Biscoe, Rigby, Pyne and DeHaro (clockwise from upper left)

The other end of the table:  Elders DeHaro, ?, Ottesen, Ramirez, Carey, Gonzalez, Jeppson and Forrest

With this transfer we said farewell to AP Tyndale-Biscoe and welcomed new AP Rigby.  This was the first attempt at a photo of three of them.  Not too successful, but very charming!

Better photo of Elders Rigby, DeHaro and Tyndale-Biscoe

Also in this transfer another companionship was added to the Alcobendas Ward  plus a new mission secretary in training, Elder Bauer.  Pisomates:  Elders Forrest, Wride, Gonzalez, Jeppson and Bauer.

The two Elders going home this transfer:  Elder Cano from Cadiz and Elder Pyne from California

At the airport the next morning, Elders DeHaro and Rigby came to say farewell to Elders Cano and Pyne.

The APs joined us at the MTC to welcome two new missionaries, Elders Sepulveda and  Berthon, both headed for the Canary Islands!

The temporary threesome in the office, Elder Forrest, Financial Secretary; Elder Jeppson (standing), training mission secretary; and Elder Bauer, new mission secretary

More Miscellaneous Photos

Elders Kunkel, Hoskins and White at zone conference in Madrid 2011

The Leon District:  EldersGabbitas,  Paredes, Jones,  Rivera, Martin de la Sierra, Reist, Rose and Gaspar (in front)
Barrio 3/9 District Hnas. Gonzalez, Carter, Clark, Greer and Cerdas (mini-misionary) and
Elder Smith, Pres. Watkins, Elders Hardiman and Forsythe, Hna. Watkins and Elder Wadsworth Jan. 2012 

Hermanas  of Barrio 6 and 8:  Hnas. Delgado, Hernandez, Jimenez, and Lazar

Barrio 1 and 5 District:  Elders Perez, Jaramillo, Rodriguez, Hn. Sican, Cook, Tanner and Kartchner-Hauley
Elders Pyne, Walters and Simmons  Jan. 2012

Office Elders and Assistants to the President:  Elders Forrest (Financial), Tyndale-Biscoe (AP),
DeHaro (AP) and  Jeppson (Secretary)