Saturday, April 23, 2011

Piso Inspections

Elder and Sister Jewell and I make periodic piso (apartment) inspections to make sure their homes are safe, clean and organized.  One a recent trip to see the apartment in Móstoles, we took the opportunity to take the six missionaries to lunch.  Always a pleasure to spend time with the missionaries!

Elders McArthur, Veintimillas, Jones, and Cano

Hermana Pat Jewell, Elder Jim Jewell, Elders Carter and Blatter

Elder McArthur preparing to eat the house specialty:  a hamburger with a fried egg on top (note the hole cut in the top of the bun to cover the yolk)!
His yolk runneth over!!!

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  1. haha, I remember piso inspections. They could be super intimidating. Like once, Pres. Watkins came and visited us, almost without warning, in B1B5. Our piso wasn't bad, but while the Zone Leaders went downstairs to pick Pres Watkins up and bring him up, my companion and I rushed around frantically. Good times. As for the food, it's awesome. Crazy to think that the only Elder I recognize there is Elder McArthur. He's the man.