Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zone Conferences and Transfers August 2011

August was our month for quarterly zone conferences.  We started with the three Madrid Zones combined.
Combined Madrid Este, Madrid Sur and Cuatro Caminos Zones

The following week, Aug 8-9 we had transfers and farewells for another group of wonderful missionaries.  
Elder Tyndale-Biscoe was assigned to be a new Assistant to the President along with Elder Hodges.   Elder Cerro completed his assignment as AP and was sent up to Lugo in Galicia to continue the good work of Elders Anderson and Jeppson.  Elder Anderson was headed home, and Elder Jeppson came into the office to be the Mission Secretary.


                                                  Elders Tyndale-Biscoe, Hodges and Cerro

The following week, we held a zone conference in Santiago.  It is always a privilege to meet with these wonderful missionaries.  They love getting together and they share their talents and experience with each other.
Back row:  Elders Cerro, Holub, Coral, Benson, Perkins and Walters
Front row:  Elders Antola, Carter, Forrest, Cardoso and DeHaro
We flew home Friday night after the conference and then left Saturday afternoon for the Canary Islands for their zone conference.
Back row:  Hnas. Watkins, Kartchner, Tanner, Elders Ottesen, Nielsen, Jackson,  Hanson, Mills and Pte. Watkins
Front row:  Elders Simmons, Kunkel, White, Rodriguez and Alvarez

We flew home from the Islands Monday night arriving home at 2AM after a two hour delay!  On Wednesday we drove up to Leon for their zone conference.

Back row:  Elders Thurston,, Jones, Earnshaw, Mateer, Gabbitas, Iverson, Rose and Cunningham
Front row:  Elders Gaspar, Ramirez, McGrath, Rivera, Carey and Bermudez

As I said, it is a privilege to spend time with these good Elders.  They are quite isolated in these three zones, with usually only one companionship per town and all are a long way from Madrid.  They are mature, responsible representatives of the Savior whom they serve.                          

They do, however, continue to eat like the young men they are as witnessed in the following photos!

Setting up for the photo shoot in Leon.

 Meanwhile back in Madrid,  Pres. Watkins invited the youth living within the mission to serve three week mini-missions.  There were five young men and eight young women who took advantage of the opportunity. The following photo is of three of the young women from Vecendario, Gran Canaria.
Hnas. Ceballo, Perera and Morillo

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