Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas @ the Mission Home

I was getting a little weepy about spending Christmas all by ourselves in the big empty mission home, so we invited the Assistants and the office Elders along with their pisomates to spend Christmas Eve and Morning with us.  Purely selfish, I know!!!  They didn't arrive until 10:30 pm because they all had dinner appointments and visits planned until late.  As they walked in the door they all begged to sing Christmas carols around the piano!  Music to my ears....literally. They are incredible singers!!  It made my whole Christmas!
Elders Anderson, Carey, Ketchum, Jackson,
R.Driggs, A. Driggs and Reist 

I tried to assign companionships to various bedrooms, but they all wanted to sleep on mattresses in the living room, so we pushed the furniture back and they had a slumber party! I tried to explain how to turn off the Christmas tree lights.  Elder Ketchum looked absolutely thunderstruck, so the lights stayed on all night!

Elders Jackson, Anderson, A. Driggs, Bartholomew
Elders Ketchum, R. Driggs, Reist and Carey

Eight excellent Elders.  Even on Christmas morning they were up on time.  We opened a few gifts, I fed them breakfast and they all went cheerfully off to work.  One of my best Christmases ever!

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