Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Christmas Celebration with Madrid Zones

Three days after Christmas all three Madrid zones came together for their celebration.  Same format except we ate in the Madrid Temple cafeteria since there were 70 of us!  We had several special musical numbers and a great time!  You may notice that a certain tall, blond Elder appears in all three photos.  Cute, but sneaky!

Back:  Elders López, White, Griotti, Pte. y Hna. Watkins, McArthur, Araya, and Iverson  Middle: Hnas. Bustamante, Bell, Moulton, Waters, King, Stokes,   Front:  Elders Stock, Jones, Hoskins, Coral, Carter and Veintimilla

Back:  Elders Jewell, Cerro, Esteves-Garcia, Pte. Watkins, Elder Knorr, Hna. Watkins, Holub, Gomez, Tyndale-Biscoe    Middle:  Hnas. Jewell, Peterson, Moraza, Marín, and Huntsman   Front:  Elders Cano, Raiano, Cardoso, McArthur(again!) and Ottesen.                                                                                                      

Back:  Elder Jones, R. Driggs, Bartholomew, Scott, Z. Anderson, Pte. Watkins, Thurston, Nielsen, T. Jackson, Vogel, Earnshaw, Jensen, W. Anderson, S. Jackson, Ketchum     Middlel:  Hna. Jones, Pérez, Sieverts, Long, Read, Londoño, McMurry and Anderson    Front:  Elders Reist, A. Driggs, Kunkel, León, Ramirez, Carey, Middleton, McArthur (again!!!)

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