Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spain Madrid Missionaries Work Hard!!!

Hnas. McMurray and Marin brought a family of four from Guadalajara to a baptism in Barrio 5
Even on Preparation Day activities at the Mission Home, the Hermanas are working hard in the kitchen helping prepare the lunch.  (Hnas. Waters, Sandoval, Delgado (back row) and Hnas. Nielsen, Benitez, Londono, and Bell (front)

Preparation Day finds our hard-working Elders singing the hymns of the Restauration in four part harmony at the bus stop headed for their pisos.  We have incredible singers in this mission!  (Elders Tynedale-Biscoe, Jackson, DeHaro, Griotti, Pyne, Evans and Kunkel)

Even the hardest working missionaries have to take a break to keep their strength up!  Hna. Benitez, Hna. Sandoval and I had a little lunch to give us the energy to shop for supplies for their new piso in Leganes.  (Sorry, I lost the photo of Hna. Sandoval.)
"Worn out in the service of the Lord"
Last, but not least, after a long, hard day of work, Elders McArthur and Iverson take a well-deserved siesta on the metro on their way home. Two Hermanas entered a random metro car and discovered this touching tableau.

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