Thursday, July 14, 2011

Comings and Goings....or should I say, Goings and Comings?!?

Well done, thou good and faithful servants!

On June 24, another group of missionaries finished up their faithful service and prepared to return home for the next phase of their life's journeys. 

Back row:  Elders Crocker, Aston, Bundy, and Scott
Front row:  Hna. Watkins, Pte. Watkins, Elder Driggs and Elder Stone
  The following day, after dropping the outgoing missionaries at the airport, we went to the MTC to pick up the group of new missionaries prepared to enter the field!
Back row:  Pte. Watkins, Elders Hilton, Walters, Perkins and Rodriguez
Front row:  Elder Smith, Hnas. Piedade, Carter and Watkins

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