Friday, July 15, 2011

Here and there; this and that!

Elder Evans and Elder Zamora with their recent convert in Torrejon.

In the Spain Madrid Mission, as in every other mission in the world, we love to baptize!  These are two of the most recent. There are many more, but we only have these two photos.   
Elders Bermudez and Elder Earnshaw's recent baptisms in Valladolid!

Elder Cerro (AP), Elders Soliz, Howard, Ross, Hoskins, Hodges (AP, in front), Sauñé, and Tynedale-Biscoe
On screen:  Elders Kunkel, Sanchez, Holub, Carter, Thurston and Rivera

Every month we have a Zone Council with all our Zone Leaders.  Every other month, the District Leaders are also invited.  Since we are SO spread out, the Zone Leaders from Santiago, Leon and the Canary Islands join us by videoconference.  We are a high-tech mission!

Back Row:  Elders L.Anderson, Carter, Z.Anderson, Coral, Hoskins, and Cunningham
Front Row:  Elders Woodbury, Soliz, DeHaro, Lopez, Hodges and Holub 

Santiago Zone at Zone Conference

Elders Reist, Hilton and Veintimilla, and Hermanas Long and Farías

The Elders and Hermanas of Barrio 4 joined some recent converts in doing baptisms for the dead at the Temple.

Elder Woodbury, new financial secretary replacing Elder Jackson, Pte. Watkins and Elder Vogel, Mission Secretary

After serving in the mission office faithfully for six months, Elder Jackson was reassigned to work in the Canary Islands and Elder Woodbury was brought down from Lugo to replace him.  We certainly appreciate the hard work our office Elders do to support the entire mission.

A zone activity at the mission home; too many missionaries to name!

Hermana Judy Anderson, half of our wonderful directors of the Center for Young Adults in Madrid, celebrated her birthday with about 50 of the JAS (jovenes adultos solteros; YSA)  They run a swinging scene in the Institute on Temple Square

Hermana Long, Watkins and Pérez after a baptism in Barrio 1

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