Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Preparation Day Activities

Preparation Day provides missionaries with well-deserved time to prepare themselves for the rest of the week.  They have to do all their shopping, cleaning, letter writing, hair cutting and other chores.   They almost always find time for a little fun. Those who live in the Madrid area also have the opportunity to go to the Temple once every transfer. 
A favorite Preparation Day activity - futbol (soccer)

Canarios visiting a 1,000 year old tree:  Elders Ross, Slack, Hna. Nielsen, Elders Kap and Scott with Hna. Benitez in front


Hnas. Bell, Waters, Reina, Londoño, Moraza, Smith, Benitez, Moulton, Sharp and Sieverts on Preparation Day in Toledo (Yes, Hna. Benitez is in both photos; there was a transfer in between!)
The Tenerife missionaries with their Thanksgiving feast 

The Gran Misioneros of the Canary Islands on Gran Canario    
 Back:  Elder and Sister Andrews, Hnas. Nielsen and Benitez, Elders Sanchez, Mateer, Martin de la Sierra, DeHaro, Hna. and Elder Parker
Front:  Elders Slack, Hodges, Ross and Kap

Elders Mateer and Sanchez on the great island of Lanzarote

Elders Middleton, Jackson, Meek and Holub showing off their dancing skills on preparation day at the mission home.  I assure you they are better missionaries than they are dancers!