Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Zone Conference!

On Feb. 15, we had a zone conference for the three Madrid Zones:  Madrid Este, Madrid Sur and Cuatro Caminos.  Including the three senior couples there are  72 missionaries in those three zones.  We met from 10:00 to 2:45.  President and Watkins spoke, as did the two Ayudantes (AP's), Elders Driggs and Ketchum.  We heard a lovely musical number from Elders Knorr, DeHaro, and Raiano.  We then broke up into zones for workshops led by the three sets of Zone Leaders:  Elders Middleton and Jackson, Elders Griotti and Carter, and Elders Cerro and Gomez.  Following the workshops, we went to the Temple cafeteria for lunch.  All that was left to do after lunch was sing Happy Birthday to the January and February birthday missionaries, enjoy No-Bake Cookies and pick up mail and supplies.   Zone Conference is always a great time to recharge our missionary zeal and spiritual batteries!   

Hnas. McMurray and Marín of Guadalajara with their Heroes

Elder White reading a letter from home, the fuel that keeps missionaries working full force!

Elder Jones and Elder Hoskins

Elders Thurston and our brand new Elder Barlow

The Hermanas love getting together:  Hnas. Waters, Londoño, Moulton, Smith, Bustamante, Read, Stokes and Pérez

Elders Jeppson, Griotti, Garcia-Estevez, Hnas. Huntsman and Long, and Elders Gomez and Stone

Elders Bartholomew and Middleton showing us the love, with Elder Carey supervising.

The former Bilbao Missionaries have a special bond:
Back: Elders Stock, Pyne, Jackson, Griotti, Estevez-Garcia, Araya, Driggs and Reist
Front:  Hnas. Marín, Moraza, Sieverts and Huntsman

Three of our newest Elders are demonstrating their enthusiasm for the work:
Elders Beatty, Gabbitas and Groves

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  1. This is a great blog! I currently live in Puerto Rico and Elder Waters (brother of Hermana Waters) has been serving in our area since September. A great friend of mine's son, Elder Kunkel is also in your mission. Isn't that connection neat? I can't wait to show Elder Waters some pictures of his sister tonight at FHE (NDH). Con cariño!