Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sloppy Joes for 60? No Problem!!!

Elder Griotti, one of the zone leaders of the Madrid South zone, asked me if their zone could come to the mission home for a Preparation-Day.  Naturally, I said yes.  A couple of days later, he called and asked if they could invite the Madrid East zone.  Naturally, I said yes.  A few days after that he called again and asked if the Cuatro Caminos zone could come, too.  Naturally, I gulped and said yes   That added up to 58 missionaries!  

Mireya, our housekeeper, boiled about ten pounds of potatoes and a dozen eggs on Tuesday.  Then Wed. morning I made potato salad, a big cheese cake, and seasoned potato wedges.  Hermana Jewell made two huge chocolate cakes and with the help of Hnas. Moulton and Smith, I made about 10 kilos (22 lbs.) of Sloppy Joe meat.  I bought 120 hamburger buns!!!  They also went through three bags of tortilla chips and two quarts of salsa.  The only food left after lunch was a little meat and a few buns.  My, those missionaries can eat!

The mission home sits across the street from a public activity center, so the missionaries can play soccer, basketball, or tennis, and we have a pingpong table, croquet game and a piano.  Everyone scattered to play for a few hours. We also have some fine pianists in the mission and some really excellent singers, so there was lots of singing and playing, which delighted me no end!

Too many to name!

Hnas. Bustamante, Perez, Bell, Londono, Long and Sieverts

Standing in dining room:  Hna. Bell, the Jewells, E. Knorr and Jensen
Sitting on step:  E. Iverson, Veintimilla, Otteson, Cardoso
Standing and sitting against glass doors:  E. Hoskins and Araya

Five Hermanas back to front:  Perez, Bustamante, Read, Sieverts, Peterson

Hnas. Moulton and Smith spent several hours helping me shop and frying hamburger!
E.Raiano, Jensen, H.Jewell, E.Cerro, E.Jewell, Hna. Peterson and Hna. Moraza

When it was time to eat, EVERYONE was willing to help!  Everyone also pitched in to clean up and tidy the house, and everyone contributed 3 euros each to help pay for the meal.  (I don't have a budget for feeding missionaries on P-Days!)
After everyone else left, Elders Jackson (far) and Driggs (near) practiced "River Barn Dance" duet for the Alcobendas Ward talent show the following Saturday.  (They were a hit!!)

It was an exhausting, but very fun day!  These missionaries are wonderful!!!

(p.s.  looking at these pictures has convinced me I need a better camera!)


  1. Oh River Barn Dance! I miss that music. What a whole lot of people in that first picture!! Looks like fun! Glad you're getting the hang of blogging :)

  2. My son, Elder Jeppson, just sent me the blog address on P-day. It is going to be great to be able to check it and see what is happening in the Spain, Madrid mission. What a great idea! It sure looks like you had a full house. Elder Jeppson mentioned how fun that day was. :)

  3. I remember Kevin's email when he talked about your sloppy joes and especially the potato salad. He was so excited about that meal. Thanks for feeding them.... all of them! :)